In a nutshell


  • Founded Martin Juna - Asisimport in the field of purchasing and selling goods

1991 - 1997

  • Retail sales, customer networking, switching to wholesale



  • Establishing a business relationship with a cigarette lighter manufacturer in China, an exclusive representation agreement and imports of disposable, filling and table lighters under AiT brand name

since 2000 till now

  • Introduced a new assortment - second glues and batteries, and even disposable razors and machines with interchangeable head for both men and women
  • Gradual expansion of zinc-chloride, alkaline, rechargeable and button-type battery assortments
  • Battery chargers have been added to the battery assortment

100 2819


  • Participation in the DEKORA Trade Fair with a range of lighters and umbrellas


  • Accession of the Czech Republic to the EU
  • The anti-dumping duty on flint lighters was introduced; it was proceeded to import piezoelectric lighters and to extend considerably their range

since 2004 till now

  • Attending the Amper Trade Fair with batteries, and then LED lighting, setting up new business relations with Slovakia and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU Prague
  • Cooperation with CTU on successful battery testing and other test institutes at testing other product
  • Termination of collaboration with graphic studies and own design creation of packaging and printing
  • Stabilization of suppliers group in China, obtaining an agent for spot checks of quality before shipment from China
  • Random checks of delivered batteries on our own test equipment



  • Transformation into a limited liability company named AsisImport s.r.o. as of January the 1st
  • The transfer of contracts with EKOKOM and ECOBAT to a new company
  • The decision to build up our own warehouse and office space in Úvaly by Prague
  • Market opening in Poland


  • Introduced a so-called "child lock" on piezo-lighters under EU legislation so as the lighters to comply with ISO 9994 and ČSN EN 13869
  • Extension of assortment of hand-held LED torches for ordinary users and professionals as well



  • The decision to equip new warehouse and office spaces with LED lighting incl. outdoor lighting
  • The first supply of LED lighting for our own needs at the end of the year


  • Moving to new premises in Úvaly near Prague as of January the 1st
  • Targeting to LED lighting
  • Staffing of the company
  • Creating a showroom with LED lighting throughout the company premises in Úvaly
  • Fleet renewal for faster and more reliable delivery of goods to our key partners
  • The conclusion of a contract for the provision of collective performance in lighting with RETELA



  • Changing organizational structure and creating LED lighting division
  • Support sale of lighting in the form of our own website
  • Establishing cooperation with customers in Slovakia
  • Exceeding limit of 1000 customers in LED lighting
  • Business meeting at the Hong Kong Trade Fair, which resulted in the signing of exclusive dealership on LED lighting with two Chinese manufacturers
  • Transition to a new computer warehouse system that will be linked to our new website and e-shop



  • Parking facilities at IKEA stores in Prague, Brno and Ostrava with outdoor LED lighting
  • Report about LED illumination shot by TV NOVA for the Counsel of Birds of Loskka's program on the premises in our company in Úvaly, which was broadcasted on March 14th
  • Starting a new e-shop that will be more user friendly and clearer than the one before, and which will offer many new functions
  • Development of new types of lighters in cooperation with the design company COCOON and College of arts and crafts of Praha and registration of industrial designs at EUIPO


  • Purchase of a printing machine that allows the production of short series of lighters for advertising and marketing purposes


  • Changing the company's focus on LED lighting for houses and apartments and small business establishments, with emphasis on LED strips and ceiling lights


  • Participation in the Inter-Tabak Trade Fair in Frankfurt am Main, DE and establishment of cooperation with foreign lighter customers


  • Preparations for the registration of chemical substances in 2018 with the European Chemicals Agency are under way, mainly concerning to gases and adhesives