Information for (potential) borrowers

paragraf duel nazory iluIn 2010 and later cases where some of our customers have taken our goods from us, but they have no longer been worried about paying have begun to proliferate. As a result of our calls and written urgency, that had no desired effect, we proceeded to intensify the recovery of receivables, which at that time amounted to several hundred thousands crowns.

By cooperating with our lawyer, arbitrators, courts and executors, we are gradually succeeding in recovering these receivables and, therefore, the amount of receivables currently due has decreased to approximately two fifths, with some cases of that time still in the process.

If the debtor fails to espouse to his debts or attempts to conceal his property, we also turn to the law enforcement authorities with suspicion of court decision obstruction, etc.
It should be noted that we have been 100% successful in all litigation so far and every action has resulted in a payment order.
However, we want to point out that this is a very expensive procedure for borrowers, as often the costs of court proceedings and interests on late payments exceed the amount owed. That is why we appeal to potential borrowers not to keep their commitments to extremes because such a situation is not conducive to good business relationships, brings unnecessary extra costs, and robbers the lender and the borrower for a time that they can both use more effectively to resolve their business activities.
In short, MONEY DEBT IS NOT WORTHWILE and, in addition, there is always the possibility to agree on a more acceptable solution as to the payment of the relevant amount due.

in Úvaly, 2012, April the 24th
Martin Juna, Executive