Blistered lighters offer

Especially for retailers we offer lighters packaged on a blister. Classic 50-piece lighter packs are often well hidden behind the counter, because their sales in the free sale are problematic. On the other hand, the lighters on the blister do not prevent self-service sales (hook-on blisters or shelf sales). The advantage is easy accessibility for consumers, attractive packaging, all legal and useful information on the packaging, EAN on the blister (instead of non-static on the lighter) and more. Additionally, the consumer can also choose how the lighter and the blister will look like and also choose the information that will be on the package.

Order specification:

- type of lighter

- number of blister packs (usually 2 or 3 pieces)

- patch / lighter print and blister graphics (AiT design or custom)

- way of packaging (important for the sale of lighters in the sales package)

- delivery within 3 months of order confirmation