Protection of personal data

We recognize that privacy on the Internet is a very sensitive issue and therefore assure that AsisImport asks for all personal data to be used for its own use only and does not provide it in any way to anyone else, with the following exceptions:

  • To shipping companies that need your contact details for successful delivery of goods; we provide the following information: address, e-mail address, telephone.
  • To Miton Media, a.s. (with registered office at Soukenná 712/1, 466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, ID: 27343391), which is the operator of "Heuréka! - Customer Verified" (see;  we communicate by e-mail the address given in the delivery data for this purpose: The "Heuréka! - Customer Verified" service mediates to the general public the shopping experiences of consumers in Czech online shops obtained on the basis of an electronic questionnaire sent by e-mail to consumers who made an order in our shop. This (the only) e-mail is sent to the consumer about 10 days after the order is effected; after sending the e-mail, the consumer´s e-mail address is removed from the Miton Media a.s. database. Privacy policy, when communicating with Miton Media, a.s., is treated by a signed mutual cooperation agreement, thus becoming a technical intermediary of a service within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act. Please note that we use the "Heuréka! - Consumer Authenticated" service for the sole purpose of obtaining feedback from consumers and consequently improving our services. In any case, you have the option of declining before ordering or when ordering, in any understandable way (note in the order, separate e-mail, telephone, etc.), the temporary access to your e-mail address to Miton Media, a.s. use.

The security of your personal data in our database is primarily ensured by an advanced information system with defined access rights

By filling in and submitting forms in our store, you agree to the processing of your personal information in these forms. The same applies if you voluntarily communicate your personal information in another form (email, phone, etc.).

If you are registered in our store and would like to cancel this registration, simply request it by phone, e-mail or other appropriate form. Cancellation of your customer account will be confirmed by e-mail. In addition to previously issued documents, we will no longer record any data. This, of course, does not prevent you from re-registering or ordering goods without registration at any time in the future.