How to buy

This web interface is intended only for entrepreneurs both legal and natural persons as defined in General Commercial Terms. Minimum amount of the order must exceed the value of € 90 without VAT rate.

How to select the goods

On the left please choose the section you require, for example Batteries. After clicking on the section you picked up the offer of products from this section is displayed (if products are structured in sub-groups you may enter the sub-group containing other products for better choice). Now you can browse the offer and click on product description, pic of product or link "More information" if you require detailed information about product. Here you can see illustrative photo of the product and read required information. In case of special inquiry please add it to comments on the goods hereinafter. Our employee will give you answer in the shortest possible time.


It is recommended to do registration what allows you easy and safe purchase. You may purchase even without registration. However you loss the possibility to follow up the order, to put in coupons for reduction in price and to leave aside some datas when placing new order.

Within registration please enter your name, address, your company´s name incl. identification number and VAT number if available as well as login name and password. As soon as you finish registration please click on the link "Registration" on right side in Menu. Now the form that must be filled in appears. Please enter all required datas to corresponding boxes. Boxes marked with the symbol "*" are compulsory and must be filled in for successful registration. After entering all required information please enter a command "Send". If you enter a wrong information or do not fill in compulsory items, the form will appear again and you will be asked to set right this error. Provided that everything is in order the page confirming successful registration will display. Since the moment you are registered customer. Next time you needn´t fill in again all information, only enter your login name and password on the right upward in the screen. By filling this information you will again become signed up.

Inquiry basket

Inquiry basket works like a shopping cart. If you had already chosen the products which are required to be purchased first you have to add them to the virtual inquiry basket. You can do it by clicking on the link "Add into the basket" shown by selected products in section list or clicking on the link "Add into the basket" in detailed information to the product. The content of the basket will display immediately after you add the products to it.  You can change number of pieces of each item. If you want to remove a product from the basket please enter zero to the cell "Quantity". The price mentioned here shows only sum of all items in the basket. The final value of the entire order incl. transporting costs will be displayed prior binding order dispatch.

If you have not yet been signed up, please do it. There is possibility you have full basket with the products from previous unfinished purchase. These products will be displayed by themselves in the basket after signing up.

Now you can continue in selection of other items that you want to buy. You may do it by clicking on the command "Purchase to be continued".  You may return to the basket any time by clicking on the link upward on menu bar where you may see current sum of basket content.

Provided that you have chosen all required products please click on the command "Order the goods" to confirm your order.

Order of Goods

To order the goods you have to be signed up in a regular manner. If you have been signed up you can access the page allowing order dispatch. The basket content may be seen on this page at the top which represents the items you want to buy. Bellow there are information about payer which means information entered on registration. These datas may be changed by clicking on the corresponding link. Bellow payer there is a form for entering the consignee´s address. Now you can choose the way of payment and transportation. If you entered all requirements please click on the command "Send". Those way you will get on the following page where please make a control of all datas. If everything in order please send the order for goods again by clicking on the command "Send" which will be binding. Current state of executed orders may be seen in Menu of Customers after clicking on the command "Orders".

Please observe minimum quantity which is shown at each item in e-shop and order the quantity accordingly incl. multiple of it. Orders for lower quantity than those of minimum will not be accepted.

Methods of Payment

You can carry out the payment in one of following methods:

  1. Cash on delivery
    You pay only after you receive the parcel with goods.
  2. Transfer
    Please transfer the corresponding amount to our bank account after you complete and dispatch the order (unless otherwise agreed). Please don´t forget to state No. of Invoice which you will receive after processing your order. The goods will be sent you immediately after we receive the corresponding amount on our bank account.
  3. Cash
    This method should be chosen in case you select "Personal store-door collection" as mode of transport. Payment for the goods will be effected at the moment you will take over the goods in our warehouse in Úvaly city.
    Please note that it is not possible to pay for the goods by credit card. We accept cash in the amount specified by Act No. 254/2004 Coll. on limitation of cash payments, as amended, or other similar legal regulation.
    If you are a Consumer and pay for the products in our show room
    • in cash;
    • by cashless transfer of funds to which the payer gives order through a payee who is the payer to record the revenue;
    • by a cheque;
    • through bill of exchange;
    • in other forms having a character similar to the forms in points (a) to (d); or
    • by deducting a deposit or similar security made up by any of the payment methods referred to in points (a) to (e),

    please note the following information:

    Under the Sales Records Act, the Seller is required to issue a receipt to the Buyer. At the same time, he is required to register the received revenue with the tax administrator online; in the event of a technical outage, within 48 hours at the latest.
    (see Act # 112/2016, Coll., §5 and 25)

Mode of transport

For transport of goods you can choose one of the following modes:

  1. For large shipments, eg full-pallets, we mainly use Dachser Czech Republic a.s. and Raben Logistics Czech s.r.o. according to their current bid.
    The shipping service will deliver the goods to the address you provided in the order. This mode of transport is used for large or full-pallet deliveries and must be agreed in advance.
  2. PPL courier service
    Through this shipping service you receive the goods on the address you provided in the order. This mode of transport is intended primarily for piece shipments.
  3. Personal store-door collection
    The goods can be picked up directly at our shop in Úvaly by Prague. You can also pay the order in cash in accordance with the terms of the "Payment Methods" article.