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Blistered lighters

Blistered lighters offer


Especially for customers among retailers we offer lighters packaged in blister pack. The classic pack of 50 pcs lighters are at the point of sale often well hidden behind the counter, because their sale is problematic. In contrast, lighters on the blister is nothing to prevent placement in a self-service (blisters on hooks or shelves in the sales package). The advantage is easy access for consumers, attractive packaging, all legal and useful information on the packaging, EAN on the blister (rather unsightly on the lighter) and more. The consumer can also choose how the lighter and the blister will look and also choose the information that will be on the package.


Order specification:


- lighter model

- number of pieces per blister (usually 2 or 3 pieces)

- lighter labelling /imprinting and blister graphics (choice of AiT or custom design)

- Packaging (important for sale in sales package)

- delivery in 3 months after the order








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