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History of company

AsisImport s.r.o.



-        the company Martin Juna - Asisimport established by Mr. Juna for purchase and sale of merchandise


1991 - 1997

-        retail trading, network of customers building up, transition to wholesale



-        new business relations with a cigarette lighter manufacturer from China, agreement on exclusive dealership and import of disposable refillable and table lighters produced under trade mark AiT


since 2000 till now

-        new items established into assortment: second glues and batteries, later on also disposable razors and razors with replaceable heads available for men and women

-        widening of battery assortment by zinc-chloride, alkaline and rechargeable batteries and also button cells in gradual steps

-        establishing of battery chargers as a supplement to the line



-        participation in DEKORA Trade Fair in Prague exhibiting lighters and umbrellas


2004 - joining Czech Republic to EU

-        anti-dumping duty imposed to flint lighters, starting import of piezo-electric lighters and large widening of cigarette line

-        multiple rise in lighter turnover


since 2004 till now

-        participation in International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics and Electronics AMPER in Prague; originally exhibited batteries and later on LED lighting, new business relations with Slovakian traders and Faculty of Electrotechnics of the Prague University

-        cooperation with the Faculty on successful testing of batteries and also with other testing laboratories in the Czech Republic on testing of other items such as lighters, chargers etc.

-        stop to cooperation with graphic studios and starting own design of covering and printing

-        stabilization of reliable suppliers in China and link-up with local agent supplying spot checking of goods prepared for shipment as regards the quality

-        spot checking of delivered batteries through own testing device



-        transformation of the society into the limited company AsisImport s.r.o. since January the 1st

-        transfer of agreements signed between Martin Juna - Asisimport and EKOKOM & ECOBAT to the new society

-        strategic decision to build up own warehouse and offices in Úvaly, a small town nearby Prague

-        entry to the Polish market



-        implementation of new EU regulation regarding the child-resistancy to the lighters in order to meet international standards such as ISO 9994 and EN 13869

-        widening of assortment by LED hand torches for users and even professionals



-        decision to equip new warehouse and offices with LED lighting including outdoor lamps

-        first delivery of LED lighting for own use by the end of the year

-        final building approval of new firm domicile


-        moving to new building in Úvaly on January the 1st

-        aiming at LED lighting

-        staffing consolidaton

-        constructing showroom with LED lighting over the whole company´s area in Úvaly

-        regeneration of vehicle fleet to ensure quicker and more reliable distribution of merchandise to key customers

-        closing agreement with RETELA collective take-back system covering LED lighting



-        modification of company´s organizational structure and formation of LED lighting division

-        lighting sales support also through own web-sites www.ledpoint.cz if you like www.ledpoint.eu

-        closer cooperation with customers in Slovakia

-        exceeding limit of 1000 customers buying periodically LED lighting in our company

-        negotiations conducted in Hong Kong Trade Fair leading in exclusive trading agency agreement signed with two trustfull producers of LED lighting from China

-        transition to new computerized accounting system which will interconnect information coming from new web-sites with e-shop datas



-        car parks of IKEA in Prague, Brno and Ostrava cities equipped with LED street lamps delivered by our company

-        reportage showing in detail LED lighting pictured by TV NOVA in our offices in Úvaly and televised on March the 14th

-        it is prepared start of new e-shop which will be more friendly and well-arranged than existing one and will offer many new functions




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New center New center

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BBQ troch lighter, jet flame
35,00 Kč 42,35 Kč
BBQ troch lighter, jet flam

Super Glue GEL - 10g
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Super Glue GEL - 10g

Super Glue AiT 5g
5,50 Kč 6,66 Kč
Super Glue AiT 5g